Why Is It So Important to Change Your Oil?

Every car owner knows that they are supposed to get their oil changed on a regular schedule, yet many of us might delay or skip those milestones, not realizing how important it is for your vehicle.

Engines are made up of many, many moving parts that need to all work in sync for the engine to function. A main factor that keeps everything moving smoothly is oil. Over time, the oil comes into contact with dirt, dust and debris, which it helps remove, but also accumulates. When the amount of debris gets to be too much, parts aren't properly lubricated and will start to wear down dramatically. Over time, oil starts turning into sludge, providing less lubrication for all those moving parts. That is why it is imperative to change your oil before things start to get sticky. Make sure you have your filter changed along with your oil as it plays a part in keeping dust and debris out of your engine.

In addition to providing much needed lubrication for the engine's parts, oil also helps cool down those components by reducing friction and thus reducing heat. Once your engine starts to overheat, you're going to start having bigger problems.

Having enough clean oil also improves your overall gas mileage! When everything is running smoothly, your car doesn't have to work as hard, meaning you can get a few more miles out of every tank.

Routine maintenance will help your vehicle last for many more years to come. Oil is a key component for keeping your vehicle's internal parts working with less effort, more power and efficiency and can help your car keep more of its value, longer. If you plan to change your oil yourself, check your owner's manual to determine the correct type and amount of oil you need and how often to change your oil and filter. Or, simply bring your vehicle in for service and let our expert Service Technicians take care of it.

Remember, it's always a good idea to check and change your oil before a long road trip. Stay safe this summer!

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