With all the technologically advanced features SYNC provides in our new Ford vehicles, it's only right to provide you with a go-to page for any questions you may have.

Hands-Free Calling

After pairing your compatible Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, SYNC imports the names and numbers in your mobile phone book, saving you time and trouble.

To place a call:

  • Press the "Voice" button on the steering wheel
  • Say "Phone" and the name of the person you're calling ("Call Amy)
If the person or place you're calling is not in your phone book, just tell SYNC to dial by number. SYNC also makes it easy to receive calls while your driving. And, if you exit the vehicle, SYNC will automatically transfer the call to your paired mobile phone.

By seamlessly integrating with that mobile phone, SYNC can display the following features on your radio's display screen:
  • Call Waiting
  • Conference Calling
  • Signal Strength Icon
  • Caller ID
  • Contact List
  • Caller Log
A few simple voice commands, and SYNC does the rest. And for the family members who share the same vehicle (but not the same mobile phone), up to 12 phones can be paired with the system.

Audible Text
If you receive an incoming text message on your paired mobile phone, SYNC can read the message to you in a an easy-to-understand voice with the touch of a button.

Press the "Phone" button on the steering wheel once to receive your message, then press it a second time to have SYNC read it aloud. SYNC can even translate commonly used phrases "LOL" (Laughing out loud) and even emotions :) (happy smiley).

For your convenience, SYNC also lets you choose from a number of preset messages so you can quickly and easily reply. Choose your response from one of 15 generic text messages, press the "Phone" button, and it sends the message.

Music Search
Your favorite tunes, podcasts and audiobooks are just a few simple voice commands away when you're connected to SYNC.

Plug your digital media player or music storage device into your vehicles USB port and SYNC immediately creates an index of your music library so you can easily access your songs.

Press the "Voice" button on the steering wheel, then say "USB" followed by your choice of commands, including:
  • "Play All" to play your entire music library
  • "Shuffle" to mix it up
  • "Play Track" (then say the track name) to play a specific song
  • "Play Artist" (then say the artist name) to play a specific artist
  • "Similar Music" tells SYNC to create a virtual playlist based on the style and genre of the current song
  • "Play Genre" (then name a genre) to play a certain style of music
SYNC also charges your digital media player while it's connected and the vehicle is running, so you can listen for as many hours as your road trip requires.

911 Assist
In a vehicle crash involving airbag deployment, 911 assist can place a call directly to a 911 operator ( not a call center, like other systems). If you're unable to speak, the system can deliver an urgent message to the emergency operator.

Your paired Bluetooth-enabled phone has to be on, and it must be present in the vehicle, at the time of incident.

To check your SYNC settings at any time to make sure this feature is turned "on," just:
  • Press the "Phone" button on the steering wheel
  • Scroll until you see the 911 Assist feature appear in the display
  • Press "OK"
With SYNC, a few simple steps is all it takes to achieve your peace of mind.

Vehicle Health Report
This convenient feature gives you vehicle diagnostics, scheduled maintenance, recall info and more.

To get started, all you need to do is create an Owner's Account at syncmyride.com. Once that's done, you can tell SYNC to run a report anytime - right from your vehicle.

Just press the "Phone" button on the steering wheel and say "Vehicle Health." SYNC will automatically send your report right to your Owner's account. It's that easy.

You can also set SYNC to remind you to run a report when you hit specified mileage intervals (7,500 miles, 15,000 miles, etc.) for performing scheduled maintenance.

Your personalized report will include information on:
  • Brakes and Suspension
  • Restraints and Driver Assistance
  • Checks, Fluids and Filters
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Dealership Coupons
  • Dealer Inspection Items
  • Recalls and Field Service Items
A few simple steps is all it takes to help keep you on top of your maintenance schedule, and help your vehicle stay healthy.

Business Search
Say the business name or the type of business you're searching for. SYNC delivers the results, in the format you specify, right to your vehicle.

To begin:
  • Press the "Voice" button on the steering wheel
  • Say "Services"
  • Say "Business Search" to search by city and state
  • Or, say "Search Near Me" and, based on your vehicle's location, SYNC can then assist you in finding a nearby business
Once your selection is located in SYNC's database of over 14 million U.S. business listings, you have the choice of saying:

  • "Driving Directions" to receive turn-by-turn directions
  • "Test Me the Info" to have a text message and map sent to your mobile phone
  • "Connect Me" to have SYNC place a call to that business
With SYNC, you're never more than a spoken word away from anywhere.

Real-Time Traffic
SYNC delivers real-time traffic reports to help keep you posted on construction, accidents and other potential delays in your daily commute.

Set up your most frequent destinations within your Owner's account at syncmyride.com. Then, as long as your Bluetooth-enabled phone is on and present, you can access traffic reports to your vehicle by using simple voice commands.
  • Press the "Voice" button on the steering wheel
  • Say "Services"
Now you can call out any of the destinations you saved to your Owner's Account.
  • Say "Traffic to Home"
SYNC will audibly alert you to problems on your route, or give you an estimated destination time if no problems are detected.

Real-time traffic. Another easy-to-use feature from SYNC that helps you stay connected to what's ahead.

Turn-By-Turn Directions
Cities, businesses, your favorite places. Just name your destination, and SYNC delivers with turn-by-turn directions.

To activate and personalize this feature, simply access your Owner's Account at syncmyride.com. There, you can set Traffic Alerts for specific routes and times, set Favorites for sports, news and weather, and store 25 locations that you frequently visit.

Now, as long as your paired Bluetooth-enabled phone is on and present, you're ready to go.
  • Press the "Voice" button on the steering wheel
  • Say "Services"
  • Say "Directions" and then name the city and state you're going to. You can also name a location you just saved to your account (say "Home"). Or, just say a numbered address that you're looking for, and SYNC will get you there.
Favorite Alerts
You can receive weather, news and sports alerts hands-free from SYNC.

It's easy.

Go to your Owner's Account at syncmyride.com to set up your favorite weather locations, news categories and sports teams.

Then, when you're in your vehicle and connected, just:
  • Press the "Voice" button on the steering wheel
  • Say "Services"
  • Say "Favorites" to access your stored categories
You can also search for weather by just naming the city and state, or choose from several different news and sports categories to get the latest updates.

A few simple voice commands, and SYNC delivers.

Ford's Favorite Commands

"5-Day Weather Forecast"
  • See how the weekend's looking for the fun stuff you want to do outdoors.
Related voice commands:
  • "Weather."
  • "Weather Map."
  • "Find a clothing store."

"Destination Nightlife"

  • Get a list of nearby lounges, nightclubs, venues, casinos and just about everyplace to go after dark.

Related voice commands:

  • "Find a flower shop."
  • "Find a spa."
  • "Destination jewelry.
"Listen to text message"
  • SYNC can read incoming text messages to you. It even recognizes abbreviations and emoticons like LOL and :).
Related Voice Commands
  • "Reply to text message."
  • "Forward text message.
  • "Call work."
What's this?"
  • If you're listening to anything on your MP3 player and can't remember the name of it or who it's by, just ask.
Related Voice Commands
  • "Browse all songs."
  • "Shuffle."
  • "Repeat track."
Travel Link Traffic."
  • The available, voice-activated Navigation System with SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link is always ready to scout ahead. If the route's not looking good, you can get alternate routes.
Related Voice Commands
  • "Weather."
  • "Movie listings."
  • "Sports scores."
Fuel prices"
  • The available voice-activated Navigation System with SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link can help you find local gas prices.
Related Voice Commands
  • "Find a vehicle repair store."
  • "Find a tire dealer."
  • "Find a Ford Dealership."
I'm hungry"
  • SYNC will provide a list of nearby restaurants.
Related Voice Commands
  • "Find a grocery store."
  • "Find a pizza parlor."
  • "Find a soul food restaurant."
Climate temperature 70°."
  • Get comfortable using SYNC. With voice commands, you can turn on the AC, the defroster, floor fans and more.97
Related Voice Commands
  • "Defrost on."
  • "Climate my temperature."
  • "Floor on."
Call Mom"
  • You know she's waiting for you to call. Or call any contact you have in your phone book that's automatically downloaded by SYNC.
Related Voice Commands
  • "Call office."
  • "Call kids."
  • "Call boss."
Play artist Grant Mohrman"
  • If you're in the mood for a particular voice, that killer guitarist or the best darned tuba player ever, just tell SYNC.
Related Voice Commands
  • "Play author [name]."
  • "Play genre [name]."
  • "Play song [name]."


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